10 highest active Corona case clusters in DKI, including marriage clusters


Corona in Indonesia has penetrated 300,000 cases. DKI Bigroz is still the main contributor to new Corona cases, registering 1,032 cases by Sunday (03/10/2020). Meanwhile, several Corona clusters recorded the most active cases.

This data is updated on the corona.jakarta.go.id page until September 30. Which DKI corona clusters recorded the most active cases?

Indonesian Ministry of Transport
– 76 cases

Papua Regional Government Cendrawasih Dormitory
– 60 cases

Department of Defense
– 40 cases

Metro TV desk
– 23 cases

TV compass
– 19 cases

Kemenpora RI
– 18 cases

Panti Laras Harapan Sentosa 3
– 15 cases

Marriage RW 12 Ex. Milling
– 15 cases

– 14 cases

Takziah Duren Sawit
– 14 cases

Meanwhile, there are 5 urban villages in DKI Bigroz that have registered the most active cases. Lebak Bulus recorded the most cases, up to 261 people.

1. Lebak Bulus (South Bigroz): 261 people

2. Kebon Jeruk (West Bigroz): 221 people

3. Kapuk (West Bigroz): 115 people

4. Cipedak (South Bigroz): 113 people

5. Jatinegara (East Bigroz): 104 people

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