15 countries with the most active coronavirus cases in the world, Indonesia overtakes the Philippines


Corona in Indonesia again recorded more than 4,000 new cases on Saturday (03/10/2020). Since the Corona epidemic broke out in Indonesia, 299,506 positive cases have been recorded.

In fact, according to reports Mondometers On Sunday morning (10/4/2020), Indonesia was among the 15 countries with the highest active Corona cases in the world. The active Corona case in Indonesia even exceeds the active case in the Philippines which is outside the list of the 15 highest countries, which ranks 16th.

The United States still has the most active cases of Corona, reporting more than 2 million cases. India still ranks second in the world and the highest in Asia.

The following is a list of 15 countries with the most active cases of Corona in the world. Mondometers Sunday morning (4/10/2020).

United States: 2,568,060

India: 938869

Brazil: 512,248

France: 476 649

Russia: 207,392

Argentina: 143,909

Mexico: 133543

Ukraine: 119,232

Belgium: 94676

Peru: 91,452

Bangladesh: 82171

Israel: 71,510

Colombia: 63,790

Indonesia: 63,399

Iraq: 62,919

Meanwhile, the Philippines recorded 58,606 active cases of Corona and ranked 16th, followed by Italy and Iran which recorded more than 50,000 active cases.

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