9 in 10 patients recovering from coronavirus experience side effects


Study shows that nine in ten patients who recovered from the Corona COVID-19 virus reported experiencing side effects. This study was conducted by researchers in South Korea.

City of ReutersAccording to an online survey conducted by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA), 879 of 965 Corona patients who have recovered or as many as 91.1% of patients admit to having experienced at least one side effect .

“Fatigue is the most common side effect at 26.6%, followed by difficulty concentrating at 24.6%,” said Kwon Jun Wook, head of KDCA.

Other side effects can include psychological or mental effects as well as loss of taste and smell or anosmia.

Lead researcher Kim Shin Woo also plans to publish the study results in more detail in the near future. In addition, South Korea is also conducting research with 16 healthcare organizations to discuss complications of the disease in more detail, which involves CT scan of recovered Corona patients.

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