All Japanese citizens will receive free coronavirus vaccines!


The Japanese government will make the Corona virus COVID-19 vaccine free for its citizens. This policy was defined on Friday by the country’s health ministry.

City of The Japan Times, this policy only covers the administration of Corona vaccine with an initial dose. The reason is that so far it is not clear how many vaccinations must be done for the results to be effective.

The Japanese government has also allocated a budget of 671.4 billion yen or around 94 trillion rupees to secure the stockpile of Corona vaccine, so that it can be given to its citizens in June 2021.

A number of doses of vaccine from the American company Pfizer and the British company AstraZeneca have also been ordered by Japan.

Not only that, the Japanese government will pay a number of compensations to its citizens if someone experiences serious side effects after administering the Corona vaccine.

However, if there is a problem with the vaccine or if the ongoing clinical trial process is not effective, this plan will be halted or canceled.

Watch the video “Rows of Corona vaccine candidates nearing completion in clinical trials
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