Beware of changes like this, it could be a sign of bullied children

Bigroz – No parent wants their child to receive unpleasant treatment, especially if it happens in one of children’s “comfort zones” such as school.

However, not all children can report difficulties such as bullying or bullying to their parents.

In line with this statement, child and adolescent psychologist Anna Surti Ariani, S.Psi., M.Psi., Psi, also said that the changes that occur in bullied children are not always visible. from the outside.

“A lot of times her kids look stressed, depressed, and then avoid certain places, people, or events, like at a friend’s birthday party, she doesn’t want to come,” the familiarly known woman said. Nina at detikHealth.

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Likewise, when children are invited to get together with their friends. Usually, bullied children prefer not to go anywhere instead of spending time with them. There are also those who hesitate to go to school.

“Children are sometimes very scared in some areas. So maybe they were bullied there, ”added the psychologist who works at the Integrated Clinic of the University of Indonesia and the Three Generations.

Changes are also occurring in children’s sleeping and eating habits. “Victims of harassment often have nightmares. Sometimes it’s hard to eat too, but some people eat too much. It’s a hallmark of stress, if you don’t have an appetite then you eat too much,” explains Nina.

Underlined by the mother of two children, to identify whether a child is being bullied or not, parents are asked to be sensitive to the slightest changes in the child.

“Parents should also check, not only with the child but also with their friends. Or it could be seen in the room, because sometimes victims of bullying like their property suddenly disappeared and are not clear,” suggested Nina.

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If this harassment has already taken place, the first action parents should take is to investigate the child harassment, in collaboration with the school.

“Here we are also discussing what can be done with the school. Then, if the child is depressed, it is better to see a psychologist,” he ordered.

Nina added, so that children are not trapped in bad associations, parents should ensure that the gang or group the child is participating in is positive, or only out of friendship, instead of destroying the personality of the child. another child who is still innocent.

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