Bold! Not yet recovered from COVID-19, Trump goes to hospital to greet supporters


Donald Trump once again made a scene. On his third day of treatment at Walter Reed Hospital for a COVID-19 infection, Trump suddenly greeted supporters who had gathered outside the hospital from an SUV.

Trump, wearing a mask, is seen waving to supporters from the back passenger seat of a black Chevy Suburban. He previously tweeted a video promising a “little surprise visit” to supporters.

“I thought we were going to give some of the Big Patriots a little surprise we had on the road,” Trump said in a video posted to Twitter, posted moments before the trip without notice.

Trump returned to the hospital presidency after his brief “ discharge, ” White House officials told media. The trip quickly gained attention and raised questions as to whether it violated medical protocol.

“Appropriate precautions are being taken in the implementation of this movement to protect the President and all who support him, including the wearing of personal protective equipment,” said Judd Deere, a spokesperson for the House. Blanche, quoted by the New York Times.

“The action has been authorized by the medical team and can be carried out safely,” he continued.

Watch the video “WHO reaction to Trump Positive Corona not wearing a mask
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