Causes of shaded vision, seeing objects because there are a lot of them

BigrozThese days, my perspective is often shaded, seeing something like there is a duplication. I use minus 1 and 0.75 and 1/5 cylinder glasses.

How to fix this problem Doc? my glasses no longer fit? Thank you.

Agus Kentus (45 years old)


Greetings Mr. Agus Kentus, thanks for the question.

The first step that I recommend is to check the size of the glasses. If the duplication complaint goes away, there may be a change in the size of the glasses. However, if the duplication complaint persists, I advise you to consult an ophthalmologist.

Complaints of duplication or double vision can be a symptom of nervous or muscle disorders. In more severe conditions, it can also be a sign of a stroke. This is my explanation, I hope she can answer your question.

Dr Zeiras Eka Djamal, SpM
JEC @ Cinere Jalan Cinere Raya No. 19, Depok, West Java (fds / fds)

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