DKI-Central Java has the highest, these are the 5 provinces with the most new cases of COVID-19 on October 4


Based on the official website of the COVID-19 Management Task Force on Sunday (10/4/2020), new cases of Corona in Indonesia increased by 3,992 cases, bringing the total to 303,498 people.

DKI Bigroz is the province with the highest number of new Corona cases of 1398 people. While the second position is still occupied by Central Java with 314 people.

Here are 5 provinces with the highest addition of Corona cases as of October 4.

1. DKI Bigroz: 1,398 cases

2. Central Java: 314 cases

3. West Sumatra: 255 cases

4. East Java: 249 cases

5. West Java: 248 cases

There is only one province in Indonesia that does not have a new case of Corona as of October 4, namely northern Maluku.

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