Eyes feel blocking every blink, even if there is nothing

BigrozHello, Doc. During the past four days, I have experienced an abnormality in my right eye. With every blink there is always something like a small rock or sand, its position is always the same on the left side of my right eye.

At first I thought it was just a flicker, but it lasted for four days. After checking there was nothing either, it didn’t look like a flicker.

I also become sensitive or sensitive to light and sun. Do you think that’s why, Doc? And what is the best solution? If you have to use eye medication in a pharmacy, which type of medication is best for me?

thank you in advance

Winda Arsinta (Female, 22)


Dear Winda, thanks for the question.

I suggest you consult an ophthalmologist about this. Sometimes this is due to some object or object hidden behind your eyelid and causes complaints of a lump.

I have repeatedly found objects such as dust, scouring beads and insect ants stuck behind the eyelids of patients. Another thing that can cause a feeling of lumpiness is a disturbance in the black part of the eye called the cornea. Complaints of sensitivity or sensitivity to light and sun can also be caused by disorders of the cornea.

My advice is to get checked immediately for the exact cause and only after that can therapy be done. Get well soon.

Dr Zeiras Eka Djamal, SpM
JEC @ Cinere Jalan Cinere Raya No. 19, Depok, West Java

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