Her child becomes a bully at school, this is how parents should be

Bigroz – The behavior of children when they are at home, at school or in other environments may differ by 180 degrees. Of course, if there are parents who don’t know if their child is a bully.

When this happens, many parents are confused or don’t even know how to react to it.

“We must cooperate with the school so that he is no longer a tyrant, so that there is a stronger supervision of the child”, ordered the psychologist for children and adolescents, Anna Surti Ariani, S.Psi ., M.Psi., Psi.

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On the other hand, the mother of two asks the parents to introspect themselves, as it could be the parenting or the behavior of the parents themselves which then encourages the child to bully others.

“But if he has any problems, the child and his parents should consult each other to discuss what is wrong and what needs to be justified. Cooperation also takes place with victims of bullying, including asking parents to victim, “said the psychologist who practices at the integrated clinic of the University of Indonesia and the Three Generations. the.

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The woman who is familiar to herself as Nina added that parents play a crucial role in preventing children from becoming bullies, especially by being an example to the child. For example, teach each other to respect each other and not easy to fight.

“Even if the fight is not in front of the child. Then discuss ways to resolve the problem, for example when separating from fighting siblings. Should lead ‘okay, what are you doing’ , do not scold one or get angry at the other, “he explained.

Likewise, when children commit certain violent or delinquent actions that go beyond their limits. For this one, Nina pointed out that parents always give consequences to children if it is proven that they do.

“So it cannot be tolerated. There must be sanctions so as not to commit acts of violence against anyone and anything,” he said.

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