In Indonesia, these two factors most often trigger children’s allergies

Bigroz – When children suffer from allergies, most parents in Indonesia underestimate this condition. Unless the condition gets worse or lasts for days.

Even though the number of children in Indonesia with allergies is estimated to reach 15 percent. And few people know that allergies alone can have a significant effect on children’s development.

As Prof.

“For food, one of the most common causes is cow’s milk,” he told the Maternal Allergy Response Media Workshop with 3K with al in Boncafe Surabaya on Thursday. (7/20/2017).

The incidence of cow’s milk allergy in Indonesia alone is 7.5 percent. This is still quite low compared to the incidence of cow’s milk allergy worldwide, which ranges from 10 to 40 percent, but that doesn’t mean it can be underestimated.

Besides cow’s milk, eggs are also mentioned by Professor Budi as a food ingredient that often triggers allergies in Indonesian children.

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So, to what extent are Indonesian parents educated and informed about the symptoms or treatment of childhood allergies? Adds Zeinda Rismandari, head of allergic care at PT Nutricia Sarihusada, Indonesian parents have enough knowledge of allergies on average.

“But sometimes the information is incomplete. For example, there are parents who already know the symptoms (allergies, editor’s note) but do not know what the manipulation looks like,” he said on the same occasion.

But there are also those who tend to underestimate it because allergies are generally considered to be a health problem that can heal on its own.

“Usually, it’s because they don’t know the impact that can arise if allergies in children are not treated properly,” Zeinda added.

Interestingly, there are also many parents who get over the top or parno when their child is caught suffering from allergies. As a result, children are prohibited from eating this or staying away from things that can trigger their allergies to recur.

“It’s the same as limiting children. Ultimately, it’s not good for the children themselves,” he concluded.

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