Psychologists remind ‘phubbing’ behavior can ruin Lebaran moments

Bigroz – Eid is a moment of coming together, when someone meets with their family and loved ones. This moment is often damaged by the current behavior of playing with cellphones, aka phubbing.

According to psychologist Bona Sardo M.Psi from the University of Indonesia, the term phubbing refers to the activities that a person does with gadgets when they are with other people. AT detikHealth, Bona pointed out the side effects of frequent phubbing.

“Yes, obviously the effect is definitely a limited ability to socially interact with the real world,” Bona said.

Bona pointed out that great interaction in cyberspace does not guarantee great interaction in the real world.

Next, if you find someone busy with gadgets at a family reunion, what should you do?

In response to this, Bona suggested immediately berating a friend if phubbing while interacting.

“Send it back to each individual, want to check gadgets continuously or want direct interaction. After all, most ‘prone to’ direct scolding. If necessary, check only when necessary, not continuously,” Bona said. .

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