Seeing flashes of light after retinal surgery, what causes it?

BigrozI had retinal detachment and 2 months of retinal scleral loop surgery. Finally, the retina control is blocked, but when I look at it sometimes I still see a flash of photopsy like what I experienced before the operation.

Is this normal or is there still a problem with my eyes? Thank you for your reply.

Beta Adinata (Female, 35)


Dear Beta Adinata, thanks for the question.

Usually, flash photopsy is a sign of traction on the nerve in the eye. In your case, it could be part of the healing process, something normal has happened, or it could be an abnormality.

Tell your doctor so that an eye nerve exam can be done to see if there are any abnormalities. Usually, the doctor will ask you to check the nerves periodically.

Hope my answer can answer your question.

Dr Zeiras Eka Djamal, SpM
JEC @ Cinere Jalan Cinere Raya No. 19, Depok, West Java (fds / fds)

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