There are these signs you must suspect that your child is the bully

Bigroz – The child’s brain is like flexible rubber and can absorb a lot of things. Therefore, when improperly influenced, children can become bullies or bullies.

It’s just that many parents don’t realize that their child is a bully at school. However, this tendency can actually be seen from his daily behavior.

Child and Youth Psychologist Anna Surti Ariani, S.Psi., M.Psi., Psi explained, several behaviors indicate a child’s tendency to become a bully.

“This child sees the differences abnormally, namely as something threatening or unpleasant. Comparatively, children who are not tend to see the differences as something good, so that means I can learn.” , he explained while speaking detikHealth, Thursday (20/7/2017).

Sometimes the bully’s child comes from a non-harmonious family, although this may not necessarily be the case. The psychologist who is familiarly called Nina also pointed out that these children often said harsh things.

“Sometimes he was aggressive towards other people, siblings or animals. For example, what happened, he (reacted, editor’s note) tended to hurt animals, ”he continued.

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Another feature that parents should pay attention to is the child’s bedroom. Parents may find items that have never been seen before, or parents may feel they have never bought them.

“How come there are more items but you don’t want to buy them.” Maybe it’s because they harass, ”added the psychologist who works at the integrated clinic at the University of Indonesia and TigaGenerasi.

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