These are important reasons for taking multivitamins during the pandemic


Maintaining health is the most important thing in the midst of present conditions. The COVID-19 pandemic which is not yet over is forcing people to stay fit every day. Besides adopting a healthy lifestyle, taking a multivitamin is also necessary.

Especially now that Indonesia has started to enter the transition season, which facilitates the development of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, multivitamins need to be everyday friends to keep your body healthy so that you can do your usual activities. By launching Unilab, in addition to being able to increase endurance, it turns out that multivitamins have many advantages as follows.

Increase energy

To carry out activities in the midst of a pandemic, of course, the body needs sufficient energy. The reason is that the lack of energy can lead to fatigue and other health problems. Taking a multivitamin can help increase the energy in the body so that the body is not easily tired and infected with disease.

Maintain muscle strength

By doing activities, muscles also play a role. Any problem or aging of the muscles will certainly affect the functioning of the muscles. Therefore, a multivitamin is needed to prevent free radicals from entering the body and damaging muscle function.

Maintain heart health

Some studies indicate that taking multivitamins such as vitamins B1, B2, B6, and K1 can prevent cardiovascular disease. A healthy heart will certainly have an impact on the health of other organs.

Relieves stress

In the event of stress, the health of the body can of course also be affected. As a result, activities are also hampered. The vitamins and minerals in a daily multivitamin can also significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels. As well as vitamin B1 which works as an antioxidant to suppress oxidative stress in the body.

Photo Forneuro: doc. Kalbe Forneuro

Here are some of the other benefits of taking a multivitamin every day. Currently, taking vitamins is very necessary to protect yourself in order to stay healthy throughout the day.

Forneuro is a supplement containing a complete multivitamin that can maintain endurance during a pandemic. With the content of the vitamin B complex (B1, B6 and B12), folic acid and vitamin E make Forneuro useful as a daily companion to stay in shape and without stiffness, tingling and fatigue.

The combination of vitamin B complex and folic acid also synergistically helps to control and maintain homocysteine ​​levels in the blood. In addition, vitamin E which works as an antioxidant is also able to maintain the immune system and protect against free radicals.

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