This is the importance of fish oil for the growth of your little one

Bigroz – The nutritional contribution of your little one in his golden years is very important. This period has been a time when your little one has developed rapidly. No exception to your little one’s brain development, which occurs in the first 6 years.

Therefore, make sure that all the nutrients your little one needs are always being met. One of them is to provide omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish. In fact, omega 3s are very good for the growth process of nerve cells, including brain cells.

“Omega 3 is one of the nutrients the body needs because it is an unsaturated fatty acid, which is necessary for all cells in the body to function properly. Especially for promoting growth and development and cognitive function in children, ”said Kalbe doctor, dr. Claudia Anggi Citra Putri, at detikHealth.

In addition, omega 3s also contain DHA and EPA which can help in the growth and development of children.

“Fish oil is high in omega 3. Omega 3s containing DHA and EPA are one of the nutrients that can help your little one grow and develop. DHA plays an important role in the development of brain cells, helps develop motor skills and visual acuity, and aids in metabolism. fat in children, ”he explained.

Meanwhile, the EPA plays an important role in behavioral and mood patterns. The combination of DHA and EPA has been shown to provide benefits for your little one’s brain development.

However, there are some children who do not like to eat fish, so their omega 3 intake is not satisfied and it slows their growth. As a solution, give fish oil supplements that are high in omega 3 fatty acids and contain EPA and DHA.

“In conditions where food intake is deemed insufficient to meet daily omega 3 requirements, the use of supplements may be considered. The benefits of supplements are convenient and more affordable so your little one can get full nutrition, ”said dr. Anggi.

Fish oil can also be obtained from various types of fish, but the one with the most Omega 3 is tuna. Tuna oil contains up to 28 times more Omega 3 than regular freshwater fish.

Tuna oil also contains the selenium found in tuna and works as an antioxidant that improves the immune system so your little one can fight off illnesses and infections and not get sick easily.

Various important nutrients from tuna in Cerebrofort Marine Gummy, the only good healthy gummy containing tuna oil and enriched with DHA and EPA, which is very good for increasing the intelligence of the little one’s brain. (idr / idr)

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