Understand, this is the impact if children become perpetrators or victims of bullying

Bigroz – The impact of bullying or intimidation is not only felt by the victim. The authors themselves will also suffer the consequences.

As child and adolescent psychologist Anna Surti Ariani, S.Psi., M.Psi., Psi explains, when a person often bully but does not get clear consequences, the affected person has a high risk of becoming an aggressive child.

“In addition to being aggressive, they cannot respect others, often impose their will, even in the future, they can become dissidents of the state for example,” he said in his interview. detikHealth, Thursday (20/7/2017).

During this time, the impact on the victims of harassment is certainly greater than that felt by the aggressor, especially when it comes to the risk of depression.

“On the other hand, if he refuses school, for example, his emotional and social development will be limited. And because he refuses school, his intelligence is not sharpened either, which then creates other problems, ”he continued.

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Even compared to the impact of bullying experienced or committed by adults, the woman who is familiarly named Nina said children would feel the impact the stronger.

“We can tell the child that the filter is not really finished yet. Thus, his self-image tends to worsen and the impact will be more obvious when (bullying, editor’s note) is experienced in childhood, ”he explained.

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However, if the bullying is committed or experienced by children, the process of “recovery” or therapy may be more effective and faster to perform, especially if the duration is the same.

“The effect could be more severe, but when really managed properly, the improvement will be faster than when it was achieved in adults,” said the psychologist who practices at the University’s Integrated Clinic. from Indonesia and the Three Generations.

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