When will Corona in Indonesia reach its peak? It’s the word IDI


The Corona virus COVID-19 pandemic is still hitting Indonesia. When this pandemic ends, no one knows for sure.

Indonesian Association of Physicians (PB IDI) Executive Board Vice Chairman Dr Slamet Budiarto, SH, MHKes said the pattern of COVID-19 infection tends to change and is difficult to predict. The # satgascovid19 data still shows an up and down trend.

“I still remember in April in DKI Bigroz it was high, then after we moved to Surabaya in East Java we fell, but once East Java started to decline we exploded again, “Slamet said at a press conference broadcast by BNPB on Monday (5/10/2020).

“So we cannot predict whether we have reached its peak, whether we have fallen or whether we have fallen,” he added.

In addition, so far, new cases of COVID-19 are still occurring in many countries and not just in Indonesia. “In most countries today zero (cases) is still very rare, on average there are new infections,” he said.

Based on covid19.go.id data as of Monday (5/10/2020), the total number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia has reached 307,120 cases. During that time, 232,593 patients have recovered and 11,253 have died.

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