Why do the testicles often feel itchy at midnight?

BigrozDoc, I want to ask why my testicles are itching. It itches most in the middle of the night. Why is that, Doc? If I scratch the wound and it hurts.

Which drug is suitable for Doc? The problem has been like this for a long time.

Hardy siagian


Itching in the testicles can be caused by infection, contact with chemicals that cause irritation, or other skin conditions. Infection is the most common cause of itchy testicles and can be caused by sexually transmitted infections, fungi or parasites / mange.

Besides infection, another quite often encountered cause is contact dermatitis due to chemicals such as soap, lotion, perfume, detergent etc.

To make a definitive diagnosis of the cause of the infection and appropriate treatment, it usually takes several lab tests. If these complaints appeared for a long time and reappeared, it is better to consult the complaint first with a specialist in the skin and genitals.

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