Wow, this mom is in a marathon pushing 3 strollers with her kids at a time

Bigroz – After giving birth and having children, mothers sometimes become lazy to exercise for various reasons. But not this mother from Montana.

Not long ago, a woman whose full name was Theresa Marie Pitts broke the Guinness World Record for successfully running 26.2 miles or 42 kilometers with a time of 4 hours, 25 minutes, 37 seconds. Even more astonishing, it is Pitss’ first marathon pushing 3 strollers containing her child at a time.

Pitts, who is nicknamed Wonder Woman, admits he enjoys running but doesn’t do it regularly. However, after giving birth to her sixth child, this mother of eight started to exercise regularly.

“I’m going through a depressive crisis. I’m looking for a healthy way to get back on track mentally, physically and spiritually,” Pitts said, in a quoted email.

Photo: Facebook / Theresa Marie Pitts

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Pitts’ first race was a triathlon sprint. Then 2 years ago, he ran 5 km pushing the double stroller.

“I love the idea so that I can set a positive health example and share a message of hope and healing with those who suffer from mental illness like me,” he said.

Pitts says one of the reasons he’s leading this race is to want to set an example of mental toughness in his kids and help them develop their attitude. “There’s no reason you can’t do tough things,” Pitts said.

Additionally, the 38-year-old also wants to show that there is always hope for anyone with mental health issues. Pitts also hopes to inspire others to create amazing stories about themselves.

Pitts plans to follow the marathon again in September with his children up to 13.1 miles or 21 kilometers of course pushing the stroller.

Wow, this mom is in a marathon pushing 3 strollers with her kids at a timePhoto: Facebook / Theresa Marie Pitts

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